Snow Day

After doing a little talking on the radio I created a list of the tasks I wanted to accomplish on a snow day. The listed started out with the normal everyday stuff – load of laundry, walk with Woody, make something that could simmer on stove all day, clean up files on computer, update mailing list, draft Marine Corps League newsletter and shovel snow. Like I said, just normal stuff. I was going through some of my files and found a few radio interviews from 2012 and 2013 so I had to listen. No matter how time passes things don’t change! There is still a segment of America that hates America and then there is the rest of us who are so proud to be Americans. That will most likely never change. Here we are in 2018 and we are still dealing with the struggles in Washington, the spending in Albany with a Governor who is a spend-a-holic and a legislature that is weak. I guess we should just be happen nothing ever changes.

Comedian or Savage

“A video that shows the beheading of American Steven Sotloff was delivered as a “second message to America” to halt airstrikes in Iraq.” CNN, 2 September 2014

“”A Nation Signed With Blood to the Nation of The Cross” The gruesome five-minute video shows a line of men in orange jumpsuits being walked along a beach front with a masked jihadi grabbing their arm.” Mirror, 15 February 2015

“Video of the incident has been shared by ISIS supporters on social media and show a child no older than 10 carrying out a brutal beheading.” Daily Mail, 17 July 2015

“A local Police Chief was stopped at a militant checkpoint and beheaded.” Town Hall, 24 May 2017

Did you find any humor in any of the news clips I shared? Maybe you need to read them again.
Perhaps you read them many times or just once and was disgusted each time. In fact, I bet each time you read them your level of disgust went a little higher. Chances are you did not see the humor or even the slightest hint of humor.

So why would someone who claims to be a comedian hold a bloody decapitated head of the President of the United States; the greatest nation, the freest nation, the nation that has for over 200 years opened our arms and did everything we could for anyone, the nation where are core values are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness find any humor in doing something so vile that even left leaning media has declared beheading to be gruesome?

In January we thought the left was over the top when a performer at a “Women’s March” said she had “thought about blowing up the white house.”

And then in February when an actor said on daytime tv sitting with women who give the impression they hate America and all we represent, “of course I want to punch him in the face.”

The left has now hit the absolute bottom – they are no better than Islamic terrorist. Actually, they are worse. You expect the Islamic Terrorist to do such savage actions…you don’t expect a comedian to stoop so low just to get her name in the media. I for one, will not give her recognition…not until she is looking out from behind bars for a “hate crime.”