A Foundation Built by Americans

Almost 238 years ago King George sent his army to the new land to confiscate the Colonists’ guns.  Red Coats, dressed in their best, did as they were told and marched on the farmers, merchants, doctors and lawyers who lived in the colonies.  But the farmers and others were ready – they stood firm and refused to give up their weapons. They knew if they complied with the demands of the King, they would have no way to protect themselves and their families. They were smart!  They gathered in small villages, in town halls, in taverns, on farms and shared a common message – Stand Firm, Stand Together, Don’t Waiver.

Their strategy worked.  They defeated the Red Coats, sent them back to the King and kept their weapons.  They lost some good men and many bullets but they won their Freedom.  For those of us who understand, they were the original grassroots patriots.  In cold weather, wind, snow, rain, summer heat (I can’t wait for that!) and dark of night, they stood together driven by a set of principles that were not yet written on paper but were understood.  Those principles are what we now call our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Today as I stood on a handcrafted plywood stage surrounded by bales of hay, I looked out at the crowd of  500 people strong and a certain sense of warmth filled my heart.  For a brief moment, I was transformed back in time to an outdoor meeting at the center of Town where the original Patriots gathered.  They too, were called to attend a rally in support of their Freedom.  They stood there in the cold breeze with snow on the ground and determination on their face.  They stood there shoulder to shoulder; farmer, merchant, doctor, lawyer, blacksmith, carpenter and land surveyor. They stood for FREEDOM.  You could feel the chant, STAND FIRM, STAND TOGETHER, DON’T WAIVER! That same strong sense of Freedom was there today in a Town called Schoharie, on Main Street, at the Daughter’s of the American Revolution Hall, at a rally to preserve our 2nd Amendment Rights.  A right that we won almost 238 years ago!

That message shall carry on as we fight in New York State to preserve our 2nd Amendment right that God given to us so long ago – STAND FIRM, STAND TOGETHER, DON’T WAIVER.

3 thoughts on “A Foundation Built by Americans

  1. Today many gathered to express there feelings toward the Gov’t.I was truly impressed when a WW2 Veteran got up and spoke.He said somthing like, we must stand up and defend our rights,no matter what the cost,like we did in WW2.God Bless you JOE.

  2. At the rally today from well before its official start to after the end.
    Typical “gun nut’ people, a range in age from young children to some elders of the community, all well mannered, behaved and respectful. A very friendly crowed. Speakers appeared to be speaking from the heart. The message is clear. We the people must stand united. It is time for the apathy to end. Rally your friends, neighbors and a anyone else that may matter and get them to VOTE. This same network may come in handy in the future.

    As Melody says. Lets show Andrew Cuomo, what we’ve got!!!!!



  3. Melody you are 100% correct. The founders didn’t fight for our indepence so that a current day tyrant could act like a dictator. The Manhattan Mussolini needs to understand that impeachment is the remedy for political misdeeds not penal law violations. Failing to represent the people that he is overtaxing should be cause enough to take out this trash! And if our elected officials cannot understand this simple truth, they need to be replaced ASAP.

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