Melody BurnsMelody Burns is the only conservative woman talker in talk radio in the capital district area of New York. “The Melody Burns Show” can be heard anywhere as it is streamed online daily during the afternoon drive.

A lively discussion of current events; local, state, and national from a strong woman’s point of view as well as important books that are trending. As a small business owner, Melody D. Burns, Idea Practitioner LLC, Melody has coached hundreds of small and mid market businesses through the bumps and bruises of entrepreneurship. She is an avid supporter of our troops and their families and a volunteer firefighter.

Melody lives in the Albany NY area with her husband, grown son and two four-legged sons, Captain Woodrow Call and Captain Augustus McCrae.  She attributes her ability to speak freely from being one of 12 children and learning at a young age the importance of knowing when to speak and when to sit back and listen.