FAIR? Who Ever Said Life is FAIR?

Late last week we learned that the survivors of the Fort Hood Terrorist attack in November 2009 will not be receiving Purple Hearts. The reason is because it isn’t FAIR to the Islamist Extremist who shot them and killed 14 people. A Purple Heart is given to a member of our military when they are injured when serving our country at the hands of enemy forces. The 32 people wounded at Fort Hood will all attest that they did receive injuries from an enemy force. That enemy force, who was promoted in May of 2009 to the rank of Major, had been plotting and planning something against America. 

According to an Associated Press article in November 2009,and the 173 page report from William Webster,  for over a year the Islamist Extremist’s classmates knew about his Anti-American propaganda.  He had been emailing al-Awlaki’s website since December 2008 inquiring about suicide bombing. He had openly expressed his hatred of America and his refusal to kill his fellow Muslims. He was passed through the system, treated with kid gloves and sent to Fort Hood.

On that day in November 2009, he went to the processing center  and after yelling his battle cry, “Allahu Akbar” he opened fire on Americans who were preparing to go into battle.  We can only assume “fairness” was the last thing he thought about as he placed his finger on the trigger and began firing.  He didn’t care if it was Fair if the people he shot went home that night. He didn’t care if it was Fair if the children at home would ever see their parents again. He didn’t care if it was FAIR the parents of those killed would ever see their children again. He didn’t care if it was FAIR if the wounded would ever walk again. He didn’t care if it was FAIR if those wounded could ever have a good night’s sleep again. He didn’t care if  it was FAIR that the baby PFC Francheska Velez was carrying would grow up to do great things in America.  He didn’t care if it was FAIR if the community would ever heal from the grave loss of life on what was supposed to be one of the safest places in America.  The last thing he thought about was being FAIR.

So now, as America awaits the trial for the Terrorists Hasan, we are suppose to be FAIR and make sure the Terrorist  has an easy trial and America does not understand the depth of his failure at being FAIR. It is not a question of being FAIR, it is a question of supporting our military and honoring those that serve and those that are injured at the hand of an enemy combatant. I want to ask him, is it FAIR that Major Libardo E. Caraveo, Staff Sgt. Justin M. DeCrow, Capt. John P. Gaffaney, Spec. Frederick Greene, Lt. col. Juanita Warman, PFC. Kham See Xiong, Spec. Jason Dean Hunt, Staff Sgt. Amy S. Krueger, PFC Aaron T Nemelks, PFC Michael Pearson, Capt. Russell G Seager, Michael Grant Cahill, civilian Physican’s Assistant and PFC Francheska Velze and her baby lost their lives that day at the hands of a Terrorist? Is it FAIR?

One thought on “FAIR? Who Ever Said Life is FAIR?

  1. I agree with all that you say. But I can not believe that the Fort Hood shooter has not been killed by now. God bless the people who have too guard him. I too,feel bad on how this country is moving.
    UnAmerican politicians need tobe placed in a time machine and sent back in time by 75years and learn the values that our parents and grant parents try to teach us.

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