If Guns Kill, What About Knives, Hammers, Cars, Bicycles, Rocks, Birds, Major Storms…

Recently I’ve noticed the old line has new life and the anti-gun, lacking common-sense, America-hating, people are back at.  They are convinced that Guns Kill.  I mean really, have you ever seen a gun walking around by itself firing at random?  Have you ever seen a gun behind a steering wheel talking on its cell phone?  Have you ever seen a gun tossing a rock at a person?  Have you ever seen a gun holding onto a knife chasing someone down the street?  Have you ever seen a gun with a hammer beating the hell out of someone?  Ah – NO, that’s what I thought.

When are they going to realize the gun is not the problem, it is the person! There are millions of law abiding citizens all across America who own guns.  However, those guns have never and most likely, will never kill an individual. This age old debate about guns killing people should be put to rest once and for all. What difference does it make what gun a lunatic used to take the lives of the innocent? Isn’t it more important to identify the person who wants to kill? Do they yell and outlaw cars because people die every day behind the wheel. Do they yell and outlaw hammers? Do they yell and outlaw knives? Do they yell and outlaw rocks?  Do they yell and outlaw bicycles?

If guns kill, why are so many people living with guns in their homes?  If guns kill, why do so many law enforcement officers have guns? if guns kill, why are they not killing people as they walk into gun shops?  If guns kill, why are more hunters not dead?  If guns kill, why do our brave men and women who serve this great nation carry guns?  Need I say more, the argument does not hold water, or in this case ammo!

Guns in the hands of the law abiding citizens do not kill, they protect and preserve this great nation.

So I am asking every gun owner to do the following:  take your guns out of your gun safe and place them on your table.  Take a picture of them and show the anti-gun, lacking commonsense, America hating people that your gun does not kill. Send a fax to your representatives and include the picture and let them know.  Maybe if we all do that, they will understand once and for all Guns Don’t Kill – it’s the individual who does not abide by the laws – commonly known as a criminal that kills.

2 thoughts on “If Guns Kill, What About Knives, Hammers, Cars, Bicycles, Rocks, Birds, Major Storms…

  1. Melody,
    As you know it is not the guns that they are after. It is all of our
    rights! As you point out, all the other things that cause death are not even given a glance. Perhaps it is the ignorance, arrogance and agenda of the politicians that cause deaths. Using their logic, since children die due to vehicular accidents, then why allow them to ride in any kind of a vehicle with out a suit that is so protective that an atomic bomb could not cause them any harm. It is not the kids that they are protecting but the belief that they, the politicians, are better than the populace.

    God bless the ordinary citizen.

    Let “we the people prevail”


  2. It amazes me as these hypocrite “anti-you owning a gun” gun owners, (many times with their own security) continue to push and push to destroy our “God Given Rights” at every level… Free speech, The right to protection, The right to privacy, The right to a Fair trial, Innocent until PROVEN guilty (which is contrary to what today’s belief seems to be for many of “guilty until proven innocent”), The right to a JURY of your Peers, The right to not have cruel and unusual punishment (aka TORTURE)… etc, etc, etc,, Throughout my research I have found that many of these hypocritical “anti-you owning a gun” gun owners are not only “ANTI-GUN” But according to our U.S. Constitution, their declarations are clearly “Anti-American” as well. How can these people swear a sacred OATH to UPHOLD AND DEFEND the Constitution, Then support, suggest, or demand it’s destruction???? IT CAN”T BE BOTH WAYS.

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