Is Elmer Fudd Controlling the Drone?

If I could draw I would scribble a cartoon of AG Holder dressed as Elmer Fudd with the funny hat, a radio control for a drone and the map of America on the right.  But since I can’t draw you have to use your creativity and come up with your own vision for this.  After reading the letter from AG Holder to Sen. Rand Paul regarding the use of Drones to eliminate Americans on American soil, I could not get that vision out of my head – Holder dressed as Elmer Fudd, with the radio control and his Drone.

While trying to get that comical vision (a very common thing when you think about the current administration – both national and state), out of my head a thought popped up.  You know, like the old Pop-Up Video of days ago. If we can now use lethal force by way of drones, what if we could have done that back in 2005 on that November day at Fort Hood? Would AG Holder have made the suggestion to take the Fort Hood Terrorist out? After all, he was a threat to America and we were aware of his ideology from the emails, teaching and lectures he gave.  He was on the radar as being “not friendly”.  Or because the Fort Hood Terror incident is classified as “work place violence” would the Drone just pass overhead and say, “this is not the American you are looking for, move on”.  Hmm, I wonder!

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