Snow Day

After doing a little talking on the radio I created a list of the tasks I wanted to accomplish on a snow day. The listed started out with the normal everyday stuff – load of laundry, walk with Woody, make something that could simmer on stove all day, clean up files on computer, update mailing list, draft Marine Corps League newsletter and shovel snow. Like I said, just normal stuff. I was going through some of my files and found a few radio interviews from 2012 and 2013 so I had to listen. No matter how time passes things don’t change! There is still a segment of America that hates America and then there is the rest of us who are so proud to be Americans. That will most likely never change. Here we are in 2018 and we are still dealing with the struggles in Washington, the spending in Albany with a Governor who is a spend-a-holic and a legislature that is weak. I guess we should just be happen nothing ever changes.

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Melody Burns is the only conservative woman talker in talk radio in the capital district area of New York. “The Melody Burns Show Voice of Freedom can be heard live on WDCD 1540 AM, Monday through Friday at 4 pm.

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