If Guns Kill, What About Knives, Hammers, Cars, Bicycles, Rocks, Birds, Major Storms…

Recently I’ve noticed the old line has new life and the anti-gun, lacking common-sense, America-hating, people are back at.  They are convinced that Guns Kill.  I mean really, have you ever seen a gun walking around by itself firing at random?  Have you ever seen a gun behind a steering wheel talking on its cell phone?  Have you ever seen a gun tossing a rock at a person?  Have you ever seen a gun holding onto a knife chasing someone down the street?  Have you ever seen a gun with a hammer beating the hell out of someone?  Ah – NO, that’s what I thought. Continue reading

A Foundation Built by Americans

Almost 238 years ago King George sent his army to the new land to confiscate the Colonists’ guns.  Red Coats, dressed in their best, did as they were told and marched on the farmers, merchants, doctors and lawyers who lived in the colonies.  But the farmers and others were ready – they stood firm and refused to give up their weapons. They knew if they complied with the demands of the King, they would have no way to protect themselves and their families. They were smart!  They gathered in small villages, in town halls, in taverns, on farms and shared a common message – Stand Firm, Stand Together, Don’t Waiver.

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