FAIR? Who Ever Said Life is FAIR?

Late last week we learned that the survivors of the Fort Hood Terrorist attack in November 2009 will not be receiving Purple Hearts. The reason is because it isn’t FAIR to the Islamist Extremist who shot them and killed 14 people. A Purple Heart is given to a member of our military when they are injured when serving our country at the hands of enemy forces. The 32 people wounded at Fort Hood will all attest that they did receive injuries from an enemy force. That enemy force, who was promoted in May of 2009 to the rank of Major, had been plotting and planning something against America.  Continue reading

Is Elmer Fudd Controlling the Drone?

If I could draw I would scribble a cartoon of AG Holder dressed as Elmer Fudd with the funny hat, a radio control for a drone and the map of America on the right.  But since I can’t draw you have to use your creativity and come up with your own vision for this.  After reading the letter from AG Holder to Sen. Rand Paul regarding the use of Drones to eliminate Americans on American soil, I could not get that vision out of my head – Holder dressed as Elmer Fudd, with the radio control and his Drone. Continue reading