You Scratch My Back and…

It seems politics as usual is more about doing what someone wants or they won’t support your legislation.  Recently, I was in the halls of the cesspool in NYS and spent time speaking with many legislators.  There was a common theme – if you want your legislation to pass, you have to promise to support or give the appearance you will support another politician in his reelection efforts.  How do we explain to our Veterans that legislation that would help them will only be signed if the legislator  who is proposing it, agrees to give the appearance that he or she is in support of a sitting legislator? What-ever happened to legislating for the good of the people, not the good of the pension plan of the legislator or his future aspirations? How fitting that in the Well of the Legislature Building there was a large inflatable colon…need I say more?

Trip of Necessity

This week many New Yorkers were exposed to a political agenda for the first time.   Back in January NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo used the message of necessity to further his political aspirations.  Being ever so smart and politically savvy he knew there would be a huge advantage to be the first in the nation to enact Gun Control after the tragedy in CT.  I can see him standing in his girlfriend’s kitchen, stroking his chin and drumming his fingers like the Grinch in the Disney movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “ I must find a way to push gun control so I can inject myself into the limelight of this situation.”  Continue reading