Trip of Necessity

This week many New Yorkers were exposed to a political agenda for the first time.   Back in January NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo used the message of necessity to further his political aspirations.  Being ever so smart and politically savvy he knew there would be a huge advantage to be the first in the nation to enact Gun Control after the tragedy in CT.  I can see him standing in his girlfriend’s kitchen, stroking his chin and drumming his fingers like the Grinch in the Disney movie “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, “ I must find a way to push gun control so I can inject myself into the limelight of this situation.”  And lo and behold, with the help of the we-don’t-need-to-read-the-bill-before-we-pass-it Senate, his unconstitutional idea became law of the land or the formerly known Empire State.

Now two months after the dastardly bill was penned, up pops an opportunity to further his political career.  Once again, we can visualize him stroking his chin and drumming his fingers like the Grinch, “I must find a way to push my agenda in Herkimer and Mohawk – there are guns there.”  He was in Albany and you know it is budget season so he said, “let’s go, there will be cameras and media there and no way in hell am I missing an opportunity of necessity”.  So off he went not realizing that Cindy Lou Reporter was going to be there anxiously awaiting the opportunity to ask the questions that needed to be asked.

He arrived at the scene and a presser was scheduled. His hair was all combed and his tie was straight and narrow.  He had his talking points ready and his “guns kill people” face on.  He was ready.  But then, Cindy Lou Reporter spoke up and asked that dreaded question, “Why did you feel you needed to come here?”  And that very moment, that moment of necessity, his eyes grew bigger, he drew a deep breath and frantically searched faces for an answer but there was no answer to be found.  No teleprompter like his best friend, no celebrity girlfriend to whip up the answer, no Shelly to hold his hand, no Senate to cover his ass – at that moment it struck him, he was on his own.  Using his best political voice he stared into the camera and said without saying, “who let Cindy Lou ask me that question?” At that moment, that very moment, Cindy Lou Reporter without knowing it, exposed the Trip of Necessity!  Thank you Cindy Lou Reporter who ever you are!

5 thoughts on “Trip of Necessity

  1. The State Police had better things to do than assisting the Governor’s security detail in Herkimer. It is a true indictment of King Cuomo II that he can’t find upstate with a GPS, map and a staff the size of a small nation until something tragic happens that will (in his delusional mind) benefit his political future. The simple truth is that more New Yorkers will die as a result of Cuomo’s far left wing abortion policies than all the gun violence, car accidents, complications from smoking and supersized sodas combined.

  2. Great site. you are like a breath of clean air with your attacks aginst the liberals and those who try to do away with our constitutional rights. some of which you can blame on the supreme court. The conservatives on the court better live unril they are 90 other wise Obama the nerd will certainly appoint more lesies to the court.

  3. Spoke to a man from Mohawk today at the rally in Schoharie. As a witness to the goings on, he stated that the situation would have ended much sooner if they had not had to wait for the Gubernor to get ready for a press conference. Says a lot for the direction he wants this state to go. Hell we are almost at the bottom now. How far does he want us to be.

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